Helping Families Make Great Falls Their Home

Whether you’re a Montanan or moving from our of state, the team at Dascoulias Realty Group can guide you through the full relocation process – from finding the right home to helping you become acquainted with the city.

We Are Relocation Experts

We know that moving to a new city is often a disorienting experience, and our team is here to help reduce confusion, get your feet on the ground, and help you move forward confidently in your new home.

Not able to make a buying trip? We are experts in offering live tours using electronic resources to help understand what they home feels like in person. The entire can be handled remotely if necessary.

Learn more about the beautiful city of Great Falls here.

Military Home Buyers

As many of us at Dascoulias Realty Group are military families ourselves, we have the experience and knowledge to advocate and usher a military buyer through a smooth transaction.

We have certified agents in military relocation that understand that military personnel have very specific needs including frequent  or sudden transitions and how to help handle those most effectively.